Sharing Reports in SharePoint Online

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I had a request to provide a report of all the files and folders that were shared with external users within a SharePoint online site. It took me some time to dive into this as all my initial research showed I had to do it via PowerShell. After getting my scripts in place and performing some testing, I ended up finding the way to export the report from within the SharePoint site itself.

Here are the steps:

Browse to the SharePoint Site for example- and select the “Settings” icon from the upper right-hand corner-


Select “Site Usage”


On the “Site usage” page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the “Shared with External users” section.


This list displays the files some basic information about the files in question. To view a report, select “Run Report”


You can save the report to the destination folder of your choice and the system will export the report in CSV format.

For more specific details on the report itself, go to the following link-

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