Sometimes it's the simple things!

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IT infrastructure is complex. There's no denying that fact. Even "simple" networks can grow to be complicated.

Earlier this week, I encountered an issue where the software being used produced a generic error message. The error message did not indicate or provide concrete details. While troubleshooting, the person I was working with began to feel the issue was deep rooted with the entire network configuration which required the system be rebuilt. At first, I began to think the same thing. I was concerned that there was a major issue with the network configuration and that the software suite would need to be re-installed.

When I first started working in IT, one of my colleagues always emphasized to look at the most basic/simple items first while troubleshooting. After some time and thought I started looking at this issue from the ground up.

The issue turned out to be the Windows firewall on the workstation we were using to run a specific tool. Sometimes it's the simple things!

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