Specify source interface for ping- Fortinet

Specify source interface for ping- Fortinet

Yesterday I was doing some troubleshooting and testing on an SD-WAN implementation and found that the ping command in Fortios is a little different than others. I did a packet capture and so no packets flowing on WAN2 and I wanted to check if the connection was up. So I went to the CLI!

From the CLI Console execute the following command to check the current settings.

execute ping-options view

This displays the current interface. Per the example below, it has “Auto” as the Source Address.

Ping Options:

Repeat Count: 5

Data Size: 56

Timeout: 2

Interval: 1

TTL: 64

TOS: 0

DF bit: unset

Source Address: auto


Pattern Size in Bytes: 0

Validate Reply: no

In my scenario, I needed to send a ping out of the WAN2 interface, where is the IP address. The command below sets the IP of WAN2 as the source.

execute ping-options source

After that the final step is to ping your destination.

exec ping