We’re all on the same team

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I have Comcast as my ISP provider. I recently had to have a technician come to my house and repair the existing coaxial cable (Outside my house). Due to Covid 19 and social distancing he texted me the results of his work and I noticed he bashed the previous technician’s work.

I’ve noticed this happens quite a bit in IT. People love to work on an issue and say things like “Oh my, whoever set this up didn’t know what they were doing”. Or something along the lines of “This wasn’t set up right…. But I fixed it”. Whether it’s to make themselves look better or they say it without thinking about it, some people need a reminder that it’s not just about them, it’s about the entire team, and above all else- The company.

Sometimes the statements above might be true. Sometimes you inherit non optimal configurations, scenarios where someone clearly missed the mark, cut corners, or just genuinely didn’t know what they were doing. The thing is- In the consulting space, clients don’t care. They look at every person as a member of the team/consulting firm.

This is a lesson I always teach my desktop support and helpdesk. The client isn’t going to say- This engineer is great, but their consulting firm is horrible. If someone drops the ball, it’s on all of us to resolve the issue and get better. We need to be a unified team. Bashing or making remarks about a previous technician’s work hurts all of us.

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